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About Goddess Expressions

Giving Our Daughters Determination Empowerment Strength and Support

The Goddess Story

Hello! I am Ebony, the founder of Goddess Expressions. This brand is a reflection of who I am. The inspiration for Goddess Expressions actually comes from my name's meaning. Ebony Isis means Black Goddess of Fertility, Motherhood & Gealing. Goddess Isis was an Egyptian woman who was admired by her constituents. I have always been considered the "Mother" of the friend group, I hated that title, but I have learned to embrace it and accept that it is in my nature. I believe my purpose is to spread love, joy and heal others through support and sharing my personal experience.

In undergraduate school, I competed in a scholarship pageant where my platform G.O.D.D.E.S.S. came into fruition. I truly believe that is the perfect way to define the Goddess Expressions brand. When women uplift and support one another, we can increase confidence, positive energy and cultivate an unbreakable culture. After graduating from my university, I knew that I had to focus on bringing my vision to life. 


Goddess Expressions is a luxury loungewear & lifestyle brand. We want our Goddess' to feel beautiful, comfortable, and confident at all times. Embrace your inner goddess & express yourself without any fear or judgment. 


Remember Your more than a Queen. You are a Goddess!


Share your feelings about our products & brand to be featured here. We would love to hear your feedback!

- Ebony G -

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